Welcome to Sierra County
New Mexico


4-Day AKC Dog Show October 12-15
in Truth or Consequences

Are you a cynophilist? (That’s a fancy word for dog enthusiast.)

If so, then you won’t want to miss the AKC Dog Show happening in Truth or Consequences in October 12-15! Appearing here for the second year in a row, the show is sponsored by two New Mexico Kennel Clubs, Valencia and Oñate.

Seven categories of dogs, each containing numerous species, will be shown over four days. The seven categories, technically called “classes,” are: Herding, Toy, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Hound, Working, and Terrier. (A complete list of Classes and Breeds is shown at the bottom of this post.) The event includes all–breed shows‚ NOH‚ Obedience and Rally, plus Trick Dog and Farm Dog Events (in which many non-show dogs will participate).

Each day is its own individually sanctioned dog show. Non-champions and champions will be judged. Judges have been selected and are coming from as far away as South Korea.

The event will be held at the Sierra County Fairgrounds, with Puppy Classes (again, that’s “classes” as in categories, not as in trainings or workshops) held nearby at the Louis Armijo Sports Complex.

AKC Dog Show in Truth or Consequences

So what should you expect as an onlooker? The Sierra County fairgrounds will be populated with RVs owned by registered dog owners, who will set up onsite for the weekend. Owners will bring along popup tents, which are used to groom animals before the handlers take over. Visitors are welcome to stroll among RVs and popup tents to admire the breeds. They may also observe judging from a distance that will be marked by event organizers.

Please be courteous and follow the rules: give the dogs and owners plenty of room, and never, ever touch a dog without first being given permission.

Each day’s schedule will be available for free, and catalogues with complete information for all four days will be for sale. There’s no charge to attend! However you may want to bring a bit of spending money, as there’ll also be food vendors and booths of other kinds. Expect to see jewelry, clothing and lots of dog-related items; according to our source there is always a scissor sharpener on hand, so that no groomer will be left in a bind.

Adults and kids are welcome but please — DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN DOGS.

Seating is not guaranteed so wear comfortable clothing and prepare to spend time on your feet, or bring a portable chair.


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