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Paragliding at Elephant Butte Lake

paragliding at elephant butte lake
Posted on July 7, 2012 in
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paraglider in training
paraglider in training

There are so many possibilities for recreation at Elephant Butte Lake, and while most of our visitors might be mostly inclined to rent a kayak, jet ski or a fishing guide if they wanted to spend a day at the lake, there’s another activity for the more adventurous among us: Paragliding or Powered Paragliding. Do you want to fly high over the water? Then this post is for you.

Southwest Airsports in Santa Teresa NM has these tips on Paragliding at Elephant Butte Lake:

Their website offers lots of great information on the high-flying sport, including information on training, weather, and links to many useful resources.

You’ll find several more Paragliding outfits in southern NM on the internet. We found these fun videos during our search:

PPG (Powered Paragliding) at Elephant Butte Lake

Paragliding behind boats at Elephant Butte Lake

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