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Paragliding at Elephant Butte Lake

paraglider in training

paraglider in training

Wow, there are so many possibilities for recreation at Elephant Butte Lake!

One that’s not on our “activities” list – (yet!) – is Paragliding.

Without a doubt, most of our visitors would be more inclined to rent a kayak, jet ski or a fishing guide if they wanted to spend a day on the lake, but there must be a few of you who are into (or interested in learning more about) Paragliding or Powered Paragliding, right? This post is for you!

Thanks to Southwest Airsports in Santa Teresa NM for these tips on Paragliding at Elephant Butte Lake:

Their website offers lots of great information on this high-flying sport, including information on training.

You’ll find several more Paragliding outfits in southern NM on the internet! We found these fun videos during our search:

PPG (Powered Paragliding) at Elephant Butte Lake

Paragliding behind boats at Elephant Butte Lake


    • Thanks for the inquiry, we did a bit of research on this topic and it appears as if most – if not all – of the paragliders at Elephant Butte Lake are using PPGs. We’ll continue asking around, as we’d also love to know more about the thermals / non-powered potential.

      (Judging by the way turkey vultures fly around here in the spring, we’d have to guess the thermals are great. But much as we’d like to think our “turkey vulture meter” applies to all things in the universe, we realize it actually may not.)

  1. If anybody is interested in Paragliding, Rapture Air Paragliding located in Albuquerque offers Paragliding lessons year round. And before one makes a full on commitment, we offer Day Lessons just to get your feet wet and try it out; after about an hour, you will be flying solo off a 200′ hill.
    We fly year round so don’t let the seasons deter you from joining us:)
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