River Float Report + Fireworks This Weekend

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Posted on July 2, 2013 in
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We’ve been hearing all kinds of speculation about when the flow of water from Elephant Butte Dam will be stopped for the season. (The drought we’re in* makes this flow-stopping necessary, it’s unfortunate but true.)

Here’s the best info we could find, subject to change, naturally:

The river flow will be turned off on Monday, July 8th. It could be early in the morning, so if you’re lookin’ to float downstream, you’ll want to do it in the next six days.

Also, we heard from Captain Bob of Whitewater Weekends that the flow rate will be adjusted on Wednesday, July 3 — that means that a float will take a bit longer, and the rapids won’t be as robust. He’s already taking reservations for the holiday weekend, so get your name on the list if you want to get your float on by calling Captain Bob at 575-740-3784.

Or – bring your own floating device and get going already! Just — be safe. Wear life jackets. Bring water to drink. And don’t go alone. (Your mom would appreciate us reminding you of all these things.)


July 4 Fireworks at Elephant Butte Lake 2013The Elephant Butte Lake Fireworks show, set for Saturday July 6, is one of the biggest in the state. You can see it from almost any vantage point at the lake (in fact you can see it from a few Truth or Consequences locations, it’s just 5 miles away so the show’s a lot smaller).

Park fees are waived after 6pm, so if you’re planning on going through the gates and don’t have a park pass, you may want to wait until it’s free. Still, given that park fees are $5 per car, it won’t cost you much to go early and cool off in the waters of the lake! There is more beach than ever (again, due to the drought) and, no matter what you’ve heard, there is still a lot of water to play in at Elephant Butte Lake!

Rain Date for the Fireworks show is July 7, same time, same place.

In the past, the show has been advertised to begin at “Dusk.” This year the flyer announces a 9 pm start time. We advise you play it safe and go early, you won’t want to miss anything!

One might (if one’s like me) be prone to worrying there might be some sort of “rock concert parking lot” situation, what with everyone going to the lake at once. But we’re always amazed at how easily accessible this “really big show” is. As in, we’ve never waited in a line, ever, to see the July 4 Fireworks. You can essentially drive to the lake, find a place to park (without having to elbow or finagle), pull the lawn chairs out of the trunk, and watch. Easy and fun!

* Drought report: Woooo! It rained last night (July 1, 2013), and weather forecasts say we’re due for more rain this week. Not sure how much rain we’d actually need to bust the drought, but – things are looking up!

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