Burgers-N-Buns: Elephant Butte Lake’s Hamburger Boat

green chile cheeseburger from the Elephant Butte Hamburger boat
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A day on the lake! Lungs full of fresh air…couple of fresh-caught fish in the cooler, perhaps…the smell of Coppertone SPF 15 all around…and that feeling of accomplishment you get from learning new water skiing tricks. You can really work up an appetite having this much fun!

But – what if you forgot the cooler, or the sandwiches got all wet? Suppose the pancakes wear off sooner than you planned? It’s so much work to get to shore…and you want to stay on the laaaaaaaake!

Menu on the Hamburger Boat at Elephant Butte Lake

Burgers-n-Buns to the rescue!

Didn’t know about the Burger Boat?  (Revision – our correspondent confirmed that the name is “Burgers-N-Buns” and sent us a photo to prove it.)

Burgers-N-Buns at Elephant Butte Lake

Don’t feel bad, we just learned about it ourselves. It’s located, just south of Kettle Top, out on the water, and it is open every summer, on weekends (Friday-Sunday). You can get there via watercraft — correction – you can ONLY get there via watercraft, unless you’re a strong swimmer. (That’s a joke. Please don’t try to swim to it.)

Head over to the Burger Boat, and if there’s nowhere to dock when you arrive, join the circle of boats in line to tie off. You can disembark and get your burgers and hit the water again, or stick around a while, have a seat at the picnic table, give those burgers your full attention in the warm summer chile cheeseburger from the Elephant Butte Hamburger boat

A person might assume there’d be a need for a limited menu on a hamburger-serving boat, but – the array of offerings is impressive!

Guero & PFC BurgerGreen chile, check. Hot dogs too. Veggie burgers even?! Popsicles and ice cream are great for dessert or just to cool you off.

You did that many Wake Flip Back Half Twists, you say? Well then go ahead and get the Guero Burger – that’s 10 beef patties & 10 slices of cheese. Or snack on a PFC – 11 patties with cheese & chile.

If you decide to go double digits on the patties, may as well heed the old wives tale and wait a half hour before swimming…better safe than sorry!


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