Sierra County Restaurants Serving Pick-Up Only

call ahead to restaurants during a period of social distancing
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The Governor has announced further limitations on the hospitality industry in response to the COVID-19 situation.The pandemic led the governor to issue new orders, including:

  • Bars, breweries, restaurants will be limited to take out service and home delivery
  • Shopping malls, movie theaters, health clubs and spas are directed to close
  • Typical office environments should limit operations
  • Hotel and motels are to operate at no more than 50% capacity

Restaurant information below is mostly sourced from the “Support TorC Small Businesses” Facebook group and from the Sierra County Government website.

Outer County Restaurants offering to-go/delivery options:

Elephant Butte Restaurants offering to-go/delivery options:

Truth or Consequences Restaurants offering to-go/delivery options:

Restaurants that are closed:

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