505 Faces Coming to the 575

Wes Naman's 505 Faces
Posted on May 6, 2014 in
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Calling all people from New Mexico!

When: This Friday, May 9 – from 3 to 6pm

Where: cafe BellaLuca parking lot

The 505 FACES project (that’s “five hundred five” but also a nod to the “five oh five” area code) will have their RV parked in the BellaLuca parking lot for 3 hours, taking pictures and gathering stories from us 575ers.

Photographer Wes Naman (of scotch tape series fame) and (the former) Local iQ’s Steven J. Westman are leads on the project, which will travel to 20 New Mexico towns in 20 days with some of New Mexico’s best writers in tow.

In this video, Wes Naman and Steven Westman tell the Morning Brew crew about the project:

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