Indian Springs

Indian Springs Baths & Apartments in Truth or Consequences NM
218 Austin Street,

The bath house and cottages—formerly Langford Tourist Courts—have evolved over the years, and today are reminiscent of the tranquil mid-twentieth century. Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come / first-served basis. Lodgers get two free half-hour baths per day. Nightly, weekly and monthly rentals are available.

Soaking Info

8am – 9pm daily
$4 per person for for a half hour bath
Baths are gravel-bottom, mostly natural flow, but a pump in the small bath maintains constant flow.

Small bath: 4×4′ can accommodate 1-2 people
Large bath: 6×8′ can accommodate up to 6 people

the smaller bath at Indian Springs in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Indian Springs, hot mineral baths in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Photo of Indian Springs: Moshe Koenick. Used with permission.
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