San Mateo Mountains in Sierra County NM

Ecotours in Sierra County New Mexico

hiking on the Armendaris Ranch

Ecotours of two local mega-ranches owned by media mogul Ted Turner are now available through his new eco-tourism division, Ted Turner Reserves (also on Facebook). Tours are based out of the Sierra Grande in Truth or Consequences.

The Ladder and Armendaris ranches feature some of the most spectacular unspoiled landscapes in the southwest.

Motor tours and hikes of varying difficulties are available; all ranch tours have the potential to see fascinating wildlife including bison, javelina, oryx and dozens of other species.

In season, guests also have the opportunity to see millions of bats fly out of lava tubes on the Armendaris.

Private tours offer flexible departure times and itineraries, but all tours include transportation, specialized equipment, and professional, highly trained guides.

Costs vary depending on itinerary, number of guests, and length of excursion. Day trips to the Ladder and Armendaris ranches range in price from $350 for a 5-hour tour (1-2 people, $100 for each additional person) to $500 for an 8-hour tour (1-2 people, $100 for each additional person).

Call Turner Reserves at 877-288-7637 for reservations and more information.

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