Sierra County New Mexico

Restaurants in Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte & All of Sierra County

211 Broadway
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Old-style downtown drive-in restaurant with burgers, shakes, tacos & enchiladas, and shaved ice.

Sun:10am-6:30pm|M:10am-8:45pm|T:10am-8:45pm|W: 10am-8:45pm|Th: 10am-8:45pm|F:10am-8:45pm|Sat:10am-8:45pm
NM Hwy 187
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Authentic Mexican Food – local chile and fresh ingredients! Locals love the Friday night Ribeye special.

Sun:8am-4pm|M:8am-8pm|T:8am-8pm|W: 8am-8pm|Th: 8am-8pm|F:8am-8pm|Sat:8am-8pm
308 Broadway

Breakfast and lunch, chile cheese fries, and great bar-b-que in downtown T or C! Weekly specials include blue corn enchiladas.

Sun:closed|M:7am-4pm|T:7am-4pm|W: 7am-4pm|Th: 7am-8pm|F:7am-8pm|Sat:7am-8pm
NM 152, Main Street

Located in Historic Hillsboro. The 1880s barber shop mirror, wood stove & sign still decorate the old cafe.

Sun:10am-4pm|M:Closed|T:Closed|W: Closed|Th: 10am-4pm|F:10am-4pm|Sat:10am-4pm
212 Warm Springs Blvd.
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Chinese, seafood, burgers. Big Foot.

Sun:11am-8pm|M:11am-8pm|T:11am-8pm|W: 11am-8pm|Th: 11am-8pm|F:11am-8pm|Sat:11am-8pm
10714 Highway 152

Located in the small town of Hillsboro New Mexico, where we grow grapes and make our wine.

Sun:12pm-5pm|M:closed|T:closed|W: closed|Th: 8am-8pm|F:8am-8pm|Sat:12pm-10pm
212 N Date St

Always cooked to order. Voted #4 by National Geographic on list of US top ten burgers.

Sun:11am-9pm|M:11am-9pm|T:11am-9pm|W: 11am-9pm|Th: 11am-9pm|F:11am-10pm|Sat:11am-10pm
The Burger Boat
Rock Canyon Marina

Two locations serving great burgers, hot dogs, steaks and ice cream out on the waters of Elephant Butte Lake. Open seasonally – 2nd week of March through October. One walk up location at the Rock Creek Marina and the other reachable by boat out at Kettle Top in the Lake.

Sun:10am-dark|M:Closed|T:Closed|W: Closed|Th: Closed|F:2pm-dark|Sat:10am-dark
bruschetta on the patio at cafe BellaLuca
301 S. Jones
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A la minute Italian, fresh seafood, pizza, calzones, sandwiches, steaks. Extensive wine & beer lists. Summer hours: closed Monday & Tuesday. Winter hours: closed Tuesday.

Sun:noon-8pm|M:3-9pm|T:closed|W: 3-9pm|Th: 3-9pm|F:noon-10pm|Sat:noon-10pm
1806 S. Broadway
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Mexican and American. Dine in or carry out.

Sun:closed|M:7am-8pm|T:7am-8pm|W: 7am-8pm|Th: 7am-8pm|F:7am-8pm|Sat:8am-2pm
704 Hwy 195
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Tacos, burritos, huevos rancheros, burgers, ice cream and more. Said to have the “Best Queso in the state!”

Sun:11am-6pm|M:11am-8pm|T:closed|W: closed|Th: 11am-8pm|F:11am-8pm|Sat:11am-8pm
Chloride Bank Cafe
300 Wall Street

Plan to join us starting Oct 9th for full menu!

Sun:11am-6pm|M:closed|T:closed|W: closed|Th: 11am-6pm|F:11am-6pm|Sat:11am-6pm
2255 N Date St

Affordable, 24/7 diner.

Sun:24/7|M:24/7|T:24/7|W: 24/7|Th: 24/7|F:24/7|Sat:24/7
El Faro
315 N. Broadway
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Tasty New Mexican food in downtown Truth or Consequences.

Sun:Closed|M:8am-8pm|T:8am-8pm|W: 8am-8pm|Th: 8am-8pm|F:8am-8pm|Sat:8am-4pm
tuna sandwich from The Grapevine in downtown Truth or Consequences
413 Broadway

Breakfast and lunch – gourmet salads, soups and sandwiches. Orders to go welcome. Always open during Art Hop!

Sun:8am-3pm|M:closed|T:closed|W: 10am-3pm|Th: 10am-3pm|F:10am-7pm|Sat:8am-7pm
313 N Broadway

Favorite spot of locals and tourists alike for friendly service and delicious food.

Sun:8am-12pm|M:7am-3pm|T:7am-3pm|W: 7am-3pm|Th: 7am-3pm|F:7am-3pm, 5pm-9pm|Sat:8am-3pm, 5pm-9pm
Hillsboro's General Store Cafe
10697 Highway 152
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A family style restaurant in a historical building decorated with antiques and memorabilia of the 1800s. Watch their Facebook for announcements about special evening meals.

Sun:8am-3pm|M:8am-3pm|T:8am-3pm|W: 8am-3pm|Th: closed|F:8am-3pm|Sat:8am-3pm
915 NM 195

Home style cooking, home town price.

Sun:6:30am-1:45pm|M:6:30am-1:45pm|T:6:30am-1:45pm|W: 6:30am-1:45pm|Th: 6:30am-1:45pm|F:6:30am-1:45pm|Sat:6:30am-1:45pm
401 Hwy 195
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Experience authentic New Mexican cuisine, steak and seafood in the Ivory Tusk Tavern and Restaurant.

Sun:6:30am-9pm|M:6:30am-9pm|T:6:30am-9pm|W: 6:30am-9pm|Th: 6:30am-9pm|F:6:30am-9pm|Sat:6:30am-9pm
Bean Compuesta at La Cocina
1 Lakeway Drive
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Selected as a “New Mexico Treasure” by the New Mexico Department of Tourism. Serving Southern New Mexico since 1965.

Sun:11am-8pm|M:11am-8pm|T:11am-8pm|W: 11am-8pm|Th: 11am-8pm|F:11am-9pm|Sat:11am-9pm
304 S. Pershing
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Asian Fusion with a strong emphasis on fresh local ingredients. Newly opened in 2013.

Sun:closed|M:11-3, 5-8|T:11-3, 5-8|W: 11-3, 5-8|Th: 11-3, 5-8|F:11am-9pm|Sat:11am-9pm
1400 N Date St
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Prime beef, extensive wine list, takeout dinners.

Sun:5pm-9:30pm|M:5pm-9:30pm|T:5pm-9:30pm|W: 5pm-9:30pm|Th: 5pm-9:30pm|F:5pm-10:30pm|Sat:5pm-10:30pm
1990 S Broadway
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Delicious, authentic Mexican dishes. Tasty chips & salsa.

Sun:8am-6pm|M:8am-9pm|T:8am-9pm|W: 8am-9pm|Th: 8am-9pm|F:8am-9pm|Sat:8am-9pm
2109 N Date St

Over 34,000 locations worldwide.

Sun:24/7|M:24/7|T:24/7|W: 24/7|Th: 24/7|F:24/7|Sat:24/7
719 S. Broadway

Burrito counter in the Fast Stop Convenience store – great breakfast burritos, mostly for takeout, seating is limited.

Sun:closed|M:6am-2pm|T:6am-2pm|W: 6am-2pm|Th: 6am-2pm|F:6am-2pm|Sat:6am-2pm
800 N Date St
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Diverse menu. Specializing in seafood.

Sun:11am-2pm|M:closed|T:11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm|W: closed|Th: 5pm-8pm|F:11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm|Sat:5pm-8pm
406 Main

Closed for vacation August 18-31 2014. Quality coffee, tea, baked goods, breakfasts and lunches, plus deep-dish pizza on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sun:7am-3pm|M:7am-3pm|T:7am-3pm|W: 7am-3pm|Th: 7am-3pm|F:7-3, 4-8|Sat:7-3, 4-8
1934 N Date St

Founded in 1958. Biggest pizza company in the world.

Sun:11am-10pm|M:11am-10pm|T:11am-10pm|W: 11am-10pm|Th: 11am-10pm|F:11am-10pm|Sat:11am-10pm
902 N Date St

Tasty treats, good food, family owned, and proud to be customer oriented. “We gotta lil’ sumthin’ for ya!”

Sun:closed|M:11am-7pm|T:11am-7pm|W: 11am-7pm|Th: 11am-7pm|F:11am-7pm|Sat:11am-7pm
Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Food Truck located at Elephant Butte Lake State Park during the Summer. Winter location in Elephant Butte to be determined.

Sun:7am-8pm|M:7am-8pm|T:7am-8pm|W: 7am-8pm|Th: 7am-8pm|F:7am-8pm|Sat:7am-8pm
2000 N. Date

A franchise drive-in restaurant with real car hops! Burgers, shakes, breakfast sandwiches.

Sun:9am-10pm|M:7am-10pm|T:7am-10pm|W: 7am-10pm|Th: 7am-10pm|F:7am-11pm|Sat:8am-11pm
1900 N. Date Street

Sandwiches made with fresh ingredients – the Subway….way.

Sun:9am-10pm|M:7am-10pm|T:7am-10pm|W: 7am-10pm|Th: 7am-10pm|F:7am-11pm|Sat:8am-11pm
1301 N. Date

Now located in “uptown” T or C; enchiladas & stuffed sopapillas, burgers, breakfast.

Sun:9am-10pm|M:7am-2pm, 4-8pm|T:closed|W: 7am-2pm, 4-8pm|Th: 7am-2pm, 4-8pm|F:7am-2pm, 4-8pm|Sat:7am-8pm
101 Club House Drive
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The restaurant is open with limited menu Wed – Sun. Fish fry on Friday starting at 5PM. Beautiful views of Sierra del Rio Championship Golf Course – dine on the patio or inside.

Sun:11am-7pm|M:closed|T:closed|W: 11am-7pm|Th: 11am-7pm|F:11am-7pm|Sat:11am-7pm
520 Broadway

Health food store and breakfast and lunch counter – freshly prepared sandwiches and salads.

Sun:closed|M:9am-5pm|T:9am-5pm|W: 9am-5pm|Th: 9am-5pm|F:9am-5pm|Sat:10am-2pm
400 N. Date Street

Food Truck serving Great Stuffed Burgers and sandwiches! Located at the corner of 4th Ave and Date Street.

Sun:10-2pm|M:10-2 5-8pm|T:10-2 5-8pm|W: 10-2 5-8pm|Th: 10-2 5-8pm|F:10-2 5-8pm|Sat:10-2 5-8pm

Thank you for your interest in our restaurants in Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte and all of Sierra County!