Wireless & Cellphones Connections

Wireless internet has become easier to find across Sierra County, however there are no guarantees especially in the wilderness areas.

wireless in the courtyard at Blackstone Hotsprings

Wireless isn’t hard to find these days, but if you’re having trouble, try one of these options downtown: Geronimo Trail Visitor Center at 301 S. Foch, Passion Pie Cafe, or Grapevine Bistro.

Ralph Edwards Park has an open wireless connection — you’ll find the park at the eastern-most end of Broadway, past Rio Bravo Gallery, next to the Rio Grande.

If you’re “uptown” T or C (near the north 179 exit and Walmart), try the hotels or Denny’s Restaurant.

If you need a computer, visit the Sierra County Computer Lab (formerly 4th Street Computer Lab, next door to the Civic Center on 4th street, east of Date), or the Truth or Consequences Library.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park has added WiFi in the main area of the park, meaning you can pick it up everywhere from the Dirt Dam to Lion’s Beach and the RV campgrounds. It was announced in 2019 that the state park’s WiFi will be a paid service.

Free Wifi is also available at several Elephant Butte businesses: The Club Restaurant at Sierra del Rio Golf Course, Casa Taco or Hodges on Highway 195, or Big Food Express near the intersection of Warm Springs Road and Highway 195.

Wireless is limited in small mountain towns but you’ll find it at Hillsboro’s Community Center, Black Range Vineyards, and the Hillsboro General Store, for starters. Kingston’s Black Range Lodge has wireless throughout.

Cellphones: for now, they don’t work at all in mountain towns like Chloride, Hillsboro and Kingston, but you can sometimes get a signal by accessing high ground — you might get lucky at the Hillsboro Cemetery. The closer you are to Interstate 25, the better luck you’ll have. Even in our bigger towns, service varies according to provider. Verizon is generally a safe bet; cellphone users report less success with AT&T.

A tip for when you’re out of range: switching your smartphone to “airplane mode” allows you to continue taking photos while preventing your phone from constantly searching for a signal, which can drain the battery.

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