Welcome to Sierra County
New Mexico

Stop in for a Soak! You’ll Be Glad You Did.

In town for a while? Make time.
Whizzing past on I-25? Pop in!

walk-ins available at these hot springs spas

Most (but not all) of TorC’s hot spring facilities are open to walk-ins. Some operate on a first-come / first-served basis, others require calling ahead. You’ll be amazed by what a difference 20-50 minutes in the springs can make.

The Golden Girls Suite at Blackstone Hotsprings
Blackstone Hotsprings
410 Austin
walk-in soaks allowedOpen to walk-ins from 9am-9pm daily. Call ahead or stop in with a credit card to reserve any of the 6 private baths.

Blackstone’s 10 rooms pay tribute to old tv shows – from As the World Turns to Twilight Zone. Rooms on the main property include unlimited use of in-room hot springs. Rooms across the street may use the spa during business hours.

lobby of the Charles Motel & Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences
Charles Motel & Hot Spring Spa
601 Broadway
walk-in soaks allowedBaths at The Charles are open to walk-ins from 8am-10pm. Punch cards are available; buy in bulk and save $1 per soak.

1940s traditional spa services include on-site hot springs mineral baths (one soak per person per night). Most rooms have kitchens.

Indian Springs Baths & Apartments in Truth or Consequences NM
Indian Springs
218 Austin Street
walk-in soaks allowedWalk-ins are welcome at Indian Springs on a first-come/first-served basis. Stop by between 8am and 9pm daily!

Indian Springs was established in the 1930s. Two private, natural-flowing hot spring pools are situated next to six ’40s-style efficiency apartments.

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa
La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa
311 Marr
walk-in soaks allowedWalk-ins are welcome at La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa from 10am-10pm daily.

La Paloma, formerly Marshall Miracle Pools, is a natural free flowing bathhouse with no pumps or pipes. Originally the first car park in T or C, it is now a quiet and peaceful space to escape the stress and demands of life. Stop in, take a breath, have a soak and find yourself.

lodging at the Pelican Spa
Pelican Spa
306 S. Pershing
walk-in soaks allowedOpen to walk-ins Sunday through Thursday from 9am-9pm daily.

Affordable overnight lodging in several downtown locations with unlimited hot spring soaks available to lodging guests on a first-come / first-served basis.

Riverbend Hot Springs
Riverbend Hot Springs
100 Austin
walk-in soaks allowedWalk-ins are welcome during business hours, 8am-10pm, with the last soak at 9pm.

Riverbend offers lodging, public and private pools on the banks of the Rio Grande, a sauna, and unmatched views of the river and Turtleback mountain.

Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa
Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa
501 McAdoo
walk-in soaks allowedWalk-ins are welcome, but it's suggested that you call ahead to book a spa treatment or hot mineral bath.

Sierra Grande offers full spa services, hot spring baths, a 2-bedroom casita, and eco-tours to two ranches owned by Ted Turner—the Armendaris and the Ladder.

If you’re passing by Truth or Consequences on I-25, don’t just get out and stretch your legs; rest your mind and relax your bod with a soak in a hot mineral bath. Walk-in soaks are available at these hot spring spas.