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H. Joe Waldrum Retrospective

Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, 110 N. Broadway,

H. Joe Waldrum made his name as an artist in northern New Mexico in the 1970s and 1980s. He is best known for a superb series of linocuts and aquatints of northern New Mexico churches. The linocuts and aquatints will be an important part of the retrospective, which will also feature paintings, drawings and other work. The gallery shows Waldrum’s work alongside that of regional artists including Roy van der Aa, Martye Allen, Dave Barnett, Delmas Howe, Noel Howard, Katharine Kreisher, Leo Neufeld, Gregory Montreuil, Susan Noreen, William Bertrum Sharp, Joel Smith, and Nolan Winkler.

Contact: Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, 575-894-0572,
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