welcome to Sierra County New Mexico

Saturday and Sunday, February 1-2

Live Long & Prosper Festival of Healthy Living

10am-4pm Saturday, 10am-1pm Sunday, Truth or Consequences Civic Center, 400 W. Fourth,

Sponsored by Advocates for the City of Health, this festival presents a varied approach to healthy living. Exhibitors and speakers will present current and traditional approaches to a healthy body, mind and soul. Topics covered will include new approaches to healthy farming and animal husbandry; health aids and herbs; and advice on saving seeds, improving soil quality, and much more. The event is free to the public with pre-registration. There is a charge for presenters, product sales and non-profits. More information is on Facebook.

Contact: Amin Dawdy, 575-223-0989, HealthyCityNM@gmail.com. register
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