Sierra County Weather

Here in Sierra County New Mexico, you can play year-round – most winter days are mild enough for golf, hiking, fishing, biking and the like.

Summers can get a little hot (though we’d argue that “hot” is the whole point of summer) – but there are numerous ways to cool off: dip your toes into the Rio Grande, or one of our 2 lakes, plan a camping trip to the Gila, or take a day trip to one of the mining towns in the higher elevations – Kingston, Hillsboro, or Chloride.

Springtime is beautiful but it can be a mite windy. For expected wind conditions, check out

What’s the best time of year to visit? Depends on what you like to do (swim? soak? fly a kite?), and/or who you ask.

Average Weather in Elephant Butte / Truth or Consequences

Average temp. (°F)41.246.452.459.668.778.280.177.671.961.249.141.0
High avg temperature (°F)55.361.968.175.884.794.394.391.386.476.464.154.6
Low avg temperature (°F)27.130.936.643.252.562.165.863.757.446.034.127.3
Precipitation (inches)

Normal climate around Elephant Butte / T or C

Days with precip.433223895434
Wind speed (mph)
Morning humidity (%)655749414244606564626166
Afternoon humidity (%)352822171718283332303339
Sunshine (%)778083868889808082838276
Days clear of clouds141314161819121418191715
Partly cloudy days77888713127767
Cloudy days1088653555569
Snowfall (inches)
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