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Valhalla Orchards (seasonal)

35 Tanzy Road,


Open weekends in season to pick-your-own apricots, plums, and peaches. Watch Facebook for announcements.

Social Distancing Protocols:

In keeping with current state-mandated health orders, customers must wear masks any time they are in the shed. While in the orchard, distance from other pickers must be maintained. A hand washing station and hand sanitizers are available.

A commercial and pick-your-own orchard growing apricots, peaches and more. Valhalla opens the 2020 peach-picking season on July 9 at 7am. Future hours are dependent on what ripens when; watch their Facebook page for details.

Pick your own peaches at Valhalla Orchards. Fill a half peck bag for $10, a full peck bag for $18, or a half-bushel box for $30. A large evaporative cooler has been installed to help beat the heat inside the shed. Port-o-potty onsite. Ice cold bottled water for $1.

2019 pricing for peaches from Valhalla Orchards

pick-your-own peaches at Valhalla Orchards

map showing directions to Valhalla Orchards in Arrey NM

Valhalla Orchards Arrey New Mexico

peaches on the tree at Valhalla Orchards

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