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Pickamania 2018 in Kingston NM

music pavilion at the Black Range Lodge

Pickamania — a weekend-long showcase of live music set in Kingston New Mexico, has evolved from its origins as a backyard party hosted in a garlic shed into a festival celebrating the love of acoustic music of all genres.

A Glimpse into History: The Sierra County Advocate, 1907

Sierra County Advocate 1907

We enjoyed seeing a few pages from the Sierra County Advocate’s April 19, 1907 issue. That’s more than 110 years ago!

Country Dining in Sierra County

Chloride Bank Cafe

Sierra County has some charming restaurants that are off the beaten path. Enjoy a scenic drive to these dining spots in Hillsboro, Chloride and Arrey.

‘Tis the Season for Lights & Luminarias

Elephant Butte's Luminaria Beachwalk

Old-Fashioned Christmas & Elephant Butte’s Luminaria Beachwalk are two festive events happening the 2nd weekend in December.

Museums & Organizations Preserve the History of Sierra County New Mexico

Geronimo Springs Museum entrance Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Two historical societies, some fabulous museums (Geronimo! Pioneer Store!) and the Kingston Spit and Whittle Club keep history alive in Sierra County.

The Haunting Melodies of Ana Egge This Saturday in Hillsboro

Singer Ana Egge will perform in Hillsboro

The Hillsboro Concert Series brings talent to the picturesque village’s Community Center. This Saturday, January 19 2014, listen to the haunting melodies of Ana Egge and hit the wine bar after!

Feeling Festive? Head to the Monticello Holiday Store!

Monticello Store

If you’ve never shopped at the Monticello Holiday Store, you have no idea the unique gifts you’re missing out on. Everything is locally made.

Santa is Coming to T or C’s Old-Fashioned Christmas

Santa Bathing

Santa will be checking his list while soaking in temperatures of up to 110 degrees at some of T or C’s hot spring spas during Old-Fashioned Christmas!

Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Made Right Here in Sierra County!

the Darlands sell more than balsamic vinegar

Did you know that Monticello New Mexico, located in the northwest quadrant of Sierra County, is where some of the best organic balsamic vinegar on the planet is made? It’s true! The Darland Company LLC makes America’s only traditional-style, organic, aged balsamic vinegar. The Wall Street Journal featured a story about the company and their […]

Middle Percha Creek Flooding on August 4 (Filmed in Kingston NM)

middle Percha Creek flooding near Kingston

In the aftermath of the Silver Fire, there was concern that Hillsboro could flood. Turns out there was a flood but it didn’t get as far as Hillsboro. This video footage was submitted by Catherine Wanek of the Black Range Lodge.

Sierra County Restaurant News Summer 2013

Latitude 33 Stir-Fried Rice

Truth or Consequences restaurant news, plus The Bank Cafe opens in Chloride, Black Range Vineyards sets up shop in Hillsboro, and more!

Percha Bank Museum & Gallery Open for Summer 2013

Percha Bank Museum and Gallery in Kingston NM

It’s always a good idea to ahead and make sure the Percha Bank Museum is going to be open.

The Frank Winston Carriage House in Winston

Frank Winston Carriage House

If you’re in Winston, check out the old carriage house. We are pretty sure you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Isabelle Court – Welcoming Guests to the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center

Isabelle Court, an asset to the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center

Visitor Center employee Isabel Court goes the extra mile.