Sound Healing + Healing Waters = A Unique Opportunity

sound healing bowls

Long known for its almost-mystical healing waters (and its magnificent mystical healers), Truth or Consequences is about to get a new take on curing what ails us, courtesy of Santa Fe-based musical group, “Using crystal bowls, rain sticks, and flutes, as well as modern day instruments, the quartet creates soundscapes that envelope listeners in deep, rich tones and facilitate a meditative, soothing state of being—the idea is that sound frequencies can have healing effects on one’s body.

Magnolia_EllisThough performing together for less than two years, Rick Bastine, Robert McCormick​, David Michael, and John Walkingstar Martinez each bring a wealth of musical experience and sound design talent to this unique project. The notion of healing with sound waves is apparently an ancient one, revived by these four fellows using new technologies. We suspect that if she were around today, Magnolia Ellis would approve.

One of Sierra County’s favorite hot spots for tourists and locals alike, Riverbend Hot Springs, will play host for “Sees The Day”s three sound healing concerts next week. The band will set up on the deck over the Rio Grande—a scenic spot if ever there was one! On Monday, October 20th, there will be 2 three-hour concerts, at 11am, and at 6pm. Then, on Tuesday, October 21st, at 9am, there will be a one-hour encore performance.

Riverbend Hot Springs deckBook ahead to reserve your spot on the patio or in the hot spring pools, as space is limited! There are several different ways to partake, ranging in price from $20 to $40. Folks can choose to listen and meditate, or soak in the public pool area, or book a private pool session. Visit Riverbend Hot Springs to book, stop by FaceBook to either


Sees the Day’s Youtube Channel

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