Middle Percha Creek Flooding on August 4 (Filmed in Kingston NM)

middle Percha Creek flooding near Kingston
Posted on August 23, 2013 in ,
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Yesterday, Catherine Wanek of Kingston’s Black Range Lodge mentioned “the flood.”

“WHAT flood?”  (We knew that flooding was a concern following the Silver Fire but we weren’t aware it had actually occurred.)

Catherine filled us in:

“On August 4, major rain at Emory Pass caused middle Percha Creek to scour the creek to bedrock in many places, and deposit approximately 32 tons of silty sand in the Kingston orchard.

The water overflowed four bridges and damaged one home built in the flood plane. By the time the water reached Hillsboro it had dissipated somewhat, so Hillsboro escaped any impact, except sobering reflection.”

This video taken from the back deck of the Percha Creek House (on the Black Range Lodge property).  The creek was about 70 feet wide and 10 feet high at that point.

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