Energy Artist Marcia McCoy’s Photos Featured During Art Hop

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Portrait of Marcia McCoy by Margery NagelWhen someone known for being in touch with the Divine needs to get away and reconnect with the “Sacred Source,” where do they go? Sierra County, of course!

Marcia McCoy describes herself as a mystic, an artist, a teacher. Among her fascinating endeavors: she has created large-scale installations, explored sacred geometry and guided others through meditative energy work.

Over the past 15 years, while based in Santa Fe, Marcia has retreated to Truth or Consequences to partake in the healing waters and restorative environment; she’s even helped other folks reset their creative energies here.

Her adventure into the mystic began with a near-death experience several years ago, during an eight-day coma. While lying (apparently) unconscious, she says that she had an experience that changed the course of her life—a spontaneous resolution of her life-threatening condition, and a glimpse into a “spiritual light world.”

She awakened with a new purpose: “…to infuse the planet with high frequency energy to raise consciousness and vibration.”

Her upcoming gallery exhibition at Grapes Gallery on Main Street in T or C will showcase small-scale works she produced during her latest (extended) visit.

Whisper Please - sign at a hot spring spa in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Using the seemingly ubiquitous cell phone camera, she produced a collection of images that she hopes will inspire others to take time for their own creative, restful adventures.

The show is called “Truth or Consequence” and consists of 38 photos of Truth or Consequences plus two books (one of images, the other of poetry and journal entries) that came out of her visits to the area.

Meet Marcia McCoy at an artist’s reception during the Second Saturday T or C Art Hop on November 8th, 2014 from 6-9pm. Grapes is located downtown at 407 N. Main Street.

Marcia McCoy image shot at Pelican Spa, Truth or Consequences

vegetables in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

For more information, contact Marcia McCoy Studio directly at 505-470-1067, email her at

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