Blast from the Past: Gina Kelley On Summertime Soaking

Sierra Grande Lodge outdoor bath
Posted on July 7, 2009 in
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From Gina’s “Why I Love Sierra County” Blog:

OK, so here’s an observation I’ve made during the past 4 years I’ve lived in Truth or Consequences. It’s 97 degrees, admittedly it’s a tad warm for some people…but not oppressively so (think the Eastern seaboard when it’s 95% humidity and 95 degrees. Blech!).

And I hear people whimper…”it’s too hot to soak!”

Ha! Say I. It’s never too hot to soak. In fact, soaking during the summer months when the mercury rises is my favorite time to soak. “She’s crazy” say you.

But here’s the thing. The water is about 110+ degrees. You get out of the water, you sit outside with that breeze coming off the of the river, and suddenly, that 97 degrees feels downright comfortable. For that matter, you don’t have to be anywhere NEAR the river – you still feel refreshed when you hit that dry 97 degrees after simmering your cares away in the hot mineral waters.

Sierra Grande Lodge outdoor bath
the tips of Gina’s toes at Sierra Grande Lodge

Fast forward to winter, which the faint-hearted believe is the best time to soak. Yes, I admit – it feels pretty darn great to float in the hot water when it’s 40 degrees outside (our version of winter). BUT – you leave your bath warm and toasty…and get cold again within short order.

Maybe I’m wrong. Check back with me in December. Or better yet, come for a visit during all 4 seasons & pick your favorite. I suppose that actually…given that we have 10 different mineral bath establishments, you could pick your favorite based upon the time of year. Further research is required. These decisions can’t be made lightly, you know.

A hui hou!

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