Isabelle Court – Welcoming Guests to the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center

Isabelle Court, an asset to the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center
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Part 1 of 2.  (read Part 2.)

Isabelle Court. Perhaps you know her? For the last 4 years she’s been one of the sparkling personalities assisting tourists (and locals!) with what there is to do in the T or C area, as well as the rest of New Mexico.

If you’ve ever dropped in to the rustic little building at 529 N. Broadway that houses the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center, maybe you’ve met her. She’s the one who can talk for fifteen minutes without taking a breath because she is so excited about all the options for recreation and sight-seeing in our little neck of the woods.

Isabelle Court, helping visitors to the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center for the past 4 yearsAsk her what she likes to promote and she’ll say, “The hot springs and the ghost towns,” referring to Hillsboro, Kingston, Lake Valley and Chloride.

If the visitors have never been to New Mexico before, “if they’re from Canada or something and they’ve just arrived, I send them to Monticello to see an old New Mexican village. There’s a beautiful old church there, and not much else.” Experiencing typical New Mexico is just as important and interesting as National Park New Mexico.

There is plenty to do right here in town.

“We have the Fiesta in May. Art Hop is the second Saturday of each month when the galleries are open and sometimes there’s live music. And then the next day there is a poetry reading at the Black Cat. There’s a new walking trail—hold on, let me see–,” she searches for the brochure– “It’s the Healing Waters Trail. It goes around town and down by the river. Oh, and there’s a really long hiking trail out by Elephant Butte. Oh, and another thing, we have the most fabulous museum…”

And then there is…and then there is…and then there is…

And then there is….Isabelle. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are inexhaustible.

~This is Part 1 of a 2-part post about Isabelle Court, who worked in the Visitors Center from 2009 through April 2013, and who is now spending her days making jewelry, kayaking at the lake, and generally enjoying life in Sierra County.~

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