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4-Day AKC Dog Show October 11-14
in Truth or Consequences

AKC Dog Show in Truth or Consequences

Are you a cynophilist? (That’s a fancy word for dog enthusiast.) If so, then you won’t want to miss the AKC Dog Show happening in Truth or Consequences in mid-October!

Truth or Consequences Centennial Celebration

Truth or Consequences Centennial 2016

A lively schedule of events is planned for a Centennial Celebration to be held June 10-12.

‘Tis the Season for Lights & Luminarias

Elephant Butte's Luminaria Beachwalk

Old-Fashioned Christmas & Elephant Butte’s Luminaria Beachwalk are two festive events happening the 2nd weekend in December.

Downtown Visitor Centers – Spaceport America & Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

Lee Belle Johnson Building

Downtown Truth or Consequences has two new Visitor Centers located in the heart of the hot springs district. The Spaceport America Visitor Center and the Geronimo Trail VIsitor Center opened to the public on June 26.

Spaceport America Visitor Center in the Historic LBJ

Lee Belle Johnson Center

The City of Truth or Consequences, with enthusiastic support from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Office, is currently overseeing revisions to the Lee Belle Johnson Center, which is set to open in late June as an interim Spaceport America Visitor Center.

Topless Pool & New BMX Bike Track in T or C

BMX rider flying high

The City Pool uncovers in the hot springs district while a BMX bike track debuts on south Broadway.

2015 FIESTA! The Curious Townie on The Morning Brew with Friends

Fiesta Parade - Truth or Consequences Fiesta

“Curious Townie” Steven Westman loves all of NM, and has a great appreciation for Truth or Consequences. Here, he promotes Fiesta on The Morning Brew.

Sierra County Restaurant News April 2015

Damsite in Elephant Butte

NOW OPEN: Stone Age Cafe, Los Fidencios, Dam Site, and General Store Cafe: restaurant news for Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte, and Hillsboro.

Truth or Consequences: New Mexico True

soaking in the hot springs of Truth or Consequences NM

A new commercial for Truth or Consequences, its downtown, and ten wonderful hot spring spas.

Bowling is Back in T or C!

Bedroxx Bowling Center in Truth or Consequences

The Bedroxx Bowling Alley has reopened – leagues are forming in April, lessons and pro shop available now.

Museums & Organizations Preserve the History of Sierra County New Mexico

Geronimo Springs Museum entrance Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Two historical societies, some fabulous museums (Geronimo! Pioneer Store!) and the Kingston Spit and Whittle Club keep history alive in Sierra County.

Healthy New Year! Move into 2015 with a Walk, Run, Yoga Retreat or Healing Workshop

first day hike across Elephant Butte Dam

Sierra County rings in 2015 with Health: First Day Hikes, a Full Moon Run and 2 wellness workshops.

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs News: Sprucing Up, Adding On, Branching Out

Sierra Grande Lodge

Hot news in the old hot springs district!

Hay-Yo-Kay-No-Mo! Enter La Paloma Too

Hay-Yo-Kay sign

La Paloma Too, formerly Hay-Yo-Kay, opens for soaks on November 28.

Energy Artist Marcia McCoy’s Photos Featured During Art Hop

Marcia McCoy’s photos of Truth or Consequences plus 2 books related to the imagery will be featured at the November Art Hop in downtown T or C.

Four Shillings Short – Celebrating the Celtic New Year

Four Shillings Short

Four Shillings Short will celebrate the Celtic New Year – a precursor to modern-day Halloween – on October 26 in T or C.

2014 State Architectural Tour of Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte

post office with Boris Deutsch mural, downtown Truth or Consequences New Mexico

On October 25 2014, an Architectural Tour of Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte will be held for members of the New Mexico Architectural Foundation.

Sound Healing + Healing Waters = A Unique Opportunity

sound healing bowls

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to soak in the wonderful hot springs of Truth or Consequences while basking in healing music performed live by “Sees The Day.”

T or C to Host 16th New Mexico Archaeology Fair October 4th

“Travel Through Time” at the 16th New Mexico Architectural Fair at Ralph Edwards Park in Truth or Consequences on October 4 from 10am-4pm.

New Mexico True TV Visits T-or-C and Chloride

New Mexico True TV in T or C

Truth or Consequences New Mexico and the nearby historic mining town of Chloride receive the New Mexico True Television treatment.

Float Down the Rio Grande Under a Full Moon

Float the Rio Grande at night

Another Full Moon Kayak Trip is scheduled for July 11, 2014. Call 575-740-3784 to reserve a spot (must be 18 years or older). more info Originally posted on June 24, 2012 We recently met a couple who had floated down a portion of the Rio Grande on a guided raft trip during the last full […]

Mineral-Rich Geothermal Waters Beget a Long History of Healers in Truth or Consequences @Hot Springs New Mexico

Dr. Love's Hot Springs Wellness Clinic

On Truth or Consequences’ hot springs, holistic healing, and how those two things have complemented one another for…ever.

505 Faces Coming to the 575

Wes Naman's 505 Faces

Steven Westman, Wes Naman and Joy Godfrey jumped in an RV and hit the 575 during the month of May to photograph any and all willing New Mexicans.

February 21-22, 2014 Quilt Show at Ralph Edwards Civic Auditorium

quilting supply vendors at the quilt show

Do you remember curling up under your grandma’s quilt as a kid? I do and if you’re like me, that quilt that covered your lap when you were ten is now frayed and worn but it sits in a drawer or the top of a closet because you just can’t part with it. That’s really the beauty of quilts. […]

Year-End Activities, Continuing into 2014, at Studio de la Luz

Sunday Mixed-Level Yoga

Two weekly activities at Studio del la Luz in Truth or Consequences offer opportunities to increase your connectivity — with others and with yourself.

December 21 Musical Performance in Honor of Eve Elting and a Steinway “O”

Brian Haas & Dave Wayne in concert

Dr. Eve Elting generously donated a piano to the Lee Belle Johnson center a few years ago. On December 21, a free performance by Brian Haas & Dave Wayne celebrates Dr. Eve and her gift.

Santa is Coming to T or C’s Old-Fashioned Christmas

Santa Bathing

Santa will be checking his list while soaking in temperatures of up to 110 degrees at some of T or C’s hot spring spas during Old-Fashioned Christmas!

Homemaking as Revolution? Yes, in Sierra County, New Mexico!

Wendy Tremayne signing a copy of her book, Good Life Lab

Wendy Tremayne and her partner Mikey Sklar ditched high-power careers in New York City to move to Truth or Consequences New Mexico with a vision: a radical change in every aspect of their lifestyle. They wanted to become creators rather than consumers. In the process of making, building, inventing, foraging, and growing nearly everything they need […]

This Weekend in Truth or Consequences

book on hot springs new mexico

County Fair is ON! The Sierra County Fair is one of the biggest events we have here; folks come from far and wide to take part. Today, Friday, 10/11, there is a lot of showing and judging going on. Some highlights will be a Rope-a-Goat event, a PeeWee Chicken Scramble, and the Beef and Steer […]

21 Days – A Hot Springs Experiment (Afterward)

21 mineral baths

Having knocked out 21 consecutive soaks, Ruanna Waldrum assesses the results.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan on Soaking in T or C’s Hot Springs

Vince Gilligan

According to Vince, “It’s a charming little town where you go to take the waters.”

Take Me Back To Truth or Consequences: A Song About T or C

We just love a song about Truth or Consequences, how about you?

21 Days – Riverbend Hot Springs, Soak #21

Winding up the “21 day soaking regimen” at Riverbend Hot Springs’ public pools – 5 temperatures to choose from with gorgeous river views, not bad!

21 Days – Charles Motel & Spa, Soak #20

21 mineral baths

Learning the hard way that soaking should never be though of as an endurance contest.

21 Days – La Paloma Hot Springs, Soak #19

La Paloma private bath

Pre-Fiesta escape to peace and quiet at La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa.

21 Days – Sierra Grande Lodge, Soak #18

Sierra Grande Lodge’s Spirit Bath is big, beautiful, and is filled by a mineral waterfall. Also – jets!

21 Days – Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, Soak #17

Hot H20

Visit to the indoor baths at Hay-Yo-Kay – and yes, you WILL sleep better after bathing in the hot springs of Truth or Consequences!

21 Days – Charles Spa, Soak #16

Schedule time before or after your bath at the Charles Motel & Spa to check out the gift shop.

21 Days – Pelican Spa, Soak #15

The bad news: Pelican Spa’s baths are for Lodging Guests only. The good news – Pelican Spa has more than 25 lodging rooms!

21 Days – Blackstone Hotsprings Wet Room, Soak #14

A trip to Blackstone’s extremely popular Wet Room – mineral bath + steam room!

21 Days – Riverbend Hot Springs, Lucky Soak #13

Rio Pool at Riverbend

The Rio bath, one of Riverbend Hot Springs’ beautiful private pools (with a view of the Rio Grande!).

21 Days – Fire Water Lodge, Soak #12

Fire Water Lodge

Sunny, warm and breezy: a perfect day to try out Fire Water Lodge’s outdoor bath.

21 Days – Artesian Mineral Baths, Soak #11

Artesian Mineral Baths

Soaking it up at the uber-authentic Artesian Mineral Baths.

21 Days – Indian Springs, Soak #10

Indian Springs, Truth or Consequences NM

Indian Springs’ large bath provides much-needed recovery from terrorists. #dramaqueen

21 Days – Charles Motel & Spa, Soak #9

lobby of the Charles Motel & Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences

A mini vacation on the roof of the Charles Motel & Spa.

21 Days – Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, Soak #8

Hay-Yo-Kay sign

The Long House at Hay-Yo-Kay, plus a lot of information about Truth or Consequences hot springs, not to be confused with mineral baths.

21 Days – Blackstone Hotsprings, Soak #7

Blackstone HIstoric baths – best kept secret of the budget-friendly half-hour soak in T or C?

21 Days – La Paloma Hot Springs, Soak #6

La Paloma - by Mickey Losey

Hanging out (literally) in one of La Paloma Hot Springs’ private artesian baths.

21 Days – Sierra Grande Lodge, Soak #5

Sierra Grande Lodge, Truth or Consequences

A luxurious soak in the beautiful Mineral Bath at the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa.

21 Days – Indian Springs, Soak #4

Indian Springs - hot mineral baths in Truth or Consequences NM

Day 4 takes me to Indian Springs small bath – a first for me! It’s a perfect soaker for a party of one.

21 Days – Fire Water Lodge, Soak #3

bath at Fire Water Lodge

Fire Water’s baths are normally for Fire Water Lodgers only, but I’m given a free pass as part of the “21 soaks” project.

21 Days – Charles Motel & Spa, Soak #2

Charles Motel & Spa

The Charles was built in the 1930s and while it has been updated, the pink-tiled baths in the ladies’ hot spring bathing area retain their historic feel.

21 Days – Blackstone Hotsprings Historic Bath, Soak #1

Blackstone Spa

Day One of the 21 day soaking adventure begins at Blackstone Hotsprings’ Historic Bath #2.

21 Days: Exploring the Health Benefits of T or C’s Geothermal Baths, One Hot Springs Spa at a Time

The website for one of our local hot spring spas says this: “Local legend has it that taking the waters 3 times a day for 21 days in a row will cure anything that ails you.” That’s a cool legend, right? But…is it true?

BANA – Recognizing Hot Springs Health Benefits

Las Palomas Plaza - public Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences NM

BANA’s mission is to support the research, information exchange, and education of the health benefits of natural mineral waters.

“Can You See It?” Turtleback Mountain, Elephant Butte, and the Sleeping Indian

Turtleback Mountain overlooks Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Check out these cool formations in the local landscape: Turtle Mountain, Elephant Butte, and the Sleeping Indian.

Veterans Day Car Show and Run For The Wall

Best car show in the state, y’all.

Truth or Consequences – What’s With That Crazy Name?

Hot Springs New Mexico

Truth or Consequences, the town named after a game show, was called Hot Springs until 1950. Piping hot mineral water is still available at 10 downtown spas.

Blast from the Past: Gina Kelley On Summertime Soaking

Sierra Grande Lodge outdoor bath

It’s never too hot to soak. In fact, soaking during the summer months when the mercury rises is my favorite time to soak. “She’s crazy” say you. But here’s the thing…

Vintage Brochure – Hot Springs New Mexico, City of Health

vintage brochure on Hot Springs New Mexico

Excerpt from the narrative: “The early Spanish settlers built a stockade here and called this place ‘Los Ojos Calientes de Las Palomas (Hot springs of the Doves).”