Sierra County New Mexico

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Coming Soon: 100th Anniversary of Elephant Butte Dam Completion

Elephant Butte Dam during construction

Elephant Butte Dam Will be a Century Old in 2016 Engel Dam, Woodrow Wilson Dam, Elephant Butte Dam…who changed the damned dam’s name? Content adapted from text written by local historian Sherry Fletcher During the 1880s, Mexico complained that between Colorado and New Mexico, the Rio Grande was being consumed before it reached the international border at Juarez. Mexico justified… Read more »

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan on Soaking in T or C’s Hot Springs

Vince Gilligan

AMC’s award-winning TV Show “Breaking Bad,” set (and filmed) in Albuquerque New Mexico, is at the end of an amazing run. (Corrected/edited thanks to pop.) With the final episode coming soon, series creator Vince Gilligan is being interviewed all over the darned place – we caught him on the Charlie Rose show last week, but snoozed through the following night’s… Read more »

Take Me Back To Truth or Consequences: A Song About T or C

Broadway in Truth or Consequences

We just love a song about Truth or Consequences, how about you?… Read more »

The Frank Winston Carriage House in Winston

Frank Winston Carriage House

We’ve been wondering about a building in Winston ever since we first spotted it on a drive through town. The rectangular adobe is topped with a most interesting and massive decorative tin roof. Matching tin pilasters and corner treatments (whatever those are called), thick wooden doors, and a set of sunbleached antlers complete the building’s curious look. Really makes you… Read more »

Burgers-N-Buns: Elephant Butte Lake’s Hamburger Boat

green chile cheeseburger from the Elephant Butte Hamburger boat

A day on the lake! Lungs full of fresh air…couple of fresh-caught fish in the cooler, perhaps…the smell of Coppertone SPF 15 all around…and that feeling of accomplishment you get from learning new water skiing tricks. You can really work up an appetite having this much fun! But – what if you forgot the cooler, or the sandwiches got all… Read more »

“Can You See It?” Turtleback Mountain, Elephant Butte, and the Sleeping Indian

Turtleback Mountain overlooks Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Do you like mountain formations? They’re fun, right? And, like most states, New Mexico has its share of them. There are three really neat fancifully-shaped mountains in Sierra county. Have you seen them all?  Do you think they live up to the descriptions, or do you think naming these formations thusly is a bit of a stretch? Presented here, for… Read more »

A Tweet Here, A Flickr There

Sorry for the postage-stamp sized image, it was removed from Flickr and all we had left was this pinche thumbnail.

Recently we saw a Tweet on Twitter that went like this:

“This is the first time I’ve heard of it but apparently there was a hospital at the bottom of Elephant Butte Lake and now it’s visible??”

Just a few hours earlier, we’d come across this photo on Flickr: Though it’s pretty hard to see now that it’s tiny, it’s… Read more »